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Human Resource Policy

Human resource policy
In ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, we know that people represents the fundamental asset that enables our company to maintain high levels of quality in the services we offer. Therefore, we know that our employees are the basis of our success. In this sense, the satisfaction of our employees is a key for managing and retaining talent through continuous dialogue and involvement of the team in the continuous improvement of the company.
In ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, we raise our relationship with employees based on open communication and respectful treatment in the workplace. We promote teamwork, fostering growth and personal initiative, and seek and reward excellence in performance. By applying internal communication processes, tracking targets and involvement in every business process, we have achieved a long term professional team. To manage talent, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy invests in training, commitment to management by objectives, and development of systems for managing professional growth from a current and innovative view.
ERAC Engineering & Consultancy’s Human Resource Policy is defined as the objective of promoting motivation and involvement of people in the continuous improvement of the company.
Diversity and opportunity

ERAC Engineering & Consultancy works to ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination on grounds of sex, race, nationality, religion, or age. In this sense, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy promotes the inclusion of women in the workplace.
Professional Development

ERAC Engineering & Consultancy deploys professional development programs to enhance and manage talent of our team.
Also ERAC Engineering & Consultancy is constantly working on the implementation and development of internal communication channels that provide a smooth two-way communication with the team. In this sense, the organization can improve day by day.
A good indicator of the involvement of the team and the working environment is the ability of the company to retain the workforce and achieve the minimum possible rotation in accordance with the principle of retaining talent. In this sense, the average tenure with the company is very high in all business units.
Social Benefits

ERAC Engineering & Consultancy has a policy of social benefits for employees in order to encourage a balance between work, family and leisure. The measures to reconcile work and family life is one of the priorities, emphasizing the flexibility schedule, expansion of paternity and maternity vacation periods, and other supportive measures.
We are in continuous process to incorporate people who can give us the best practices in the functions necessary for the growth of the company. For that, we would like to further strengthen our company, with a good team, motivated and satisfied.
If you are interested in participating in any of the selection process of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, please send your CV to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by post to the following address:
ERAC Ingenieros Consultores S. L.
C / Ramón Gómez de la Serna 1
28035 Madrid