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Tender Consultancy

ERAC Engineering & Consultancy provides a defined strategic consultancy to companies and institutions in tenders, public and private, worldwide. 

We work hard to ensure that all information, administrative support and technical services are appropriate, and therefore, the chances of success are optimal and appropriate in each case. ERAC Engineering & Consultancy’s team advices and actively participates in the development, management and delivery of all necessary documents to the client who calls for tender, while ensuring that the development of the documentation is in accordance to national and international standards and requirements.

ERAC Engineering & Consultancy stands therefore as a multidisciplinary engineering company comprised of Engineers, Architects and Environmental Technicians, all highly qualified and with high experience in tender consultancy. 

In tender consultancy, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy offers, among others, the following services:
  • Drafting of Quality Assurance Plan (exclusivity limited to some customers)
  • Drafting of Environmental Management Plan
  • Drafting of Health and Safety Plan
  • Drafting of Work’s Program
  • Drafting of Technical Reports
  • Drafting of Security Plan
  • Analysis of Project’s Documentation
  • Verifying of Project’s Measurements
  • Verifying of Project’s Calculations 
  • Project’s Requirements Identification
  • Other specific Tender’s Requirements 
The primary objective of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy to provide these services with the highest quality, effectiveness and efficiency at a competitive cost to our customers by establishing a relationship based on ethics, trust and commitment. ERAC Engineering & Consultancy has focused his career in both the civil sector and in the building sector, where we highlight the health building.
In addition, our advantage is the domain of the technical language of English, French and Romanian languages, without any additional cost.

To achieve our commitments presents and futures, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy always follows a process of continuous improvement of our knowledge, procedures and tools.