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Technical Translations

Since 2008, mainly due to the global economic and financial crisis, the need to internationalize products and services was created. The need to communicate and express ourselves in other languages, with the aim of achieving an international niche market in order to develop business in other emerging markets, is born.
ERAC Engineering & Consultancy offers translation services, direct and inverse, in the field of civil engineering and architecture.
ERAC Engineering & Consultancy´s multidisciplinary team, besides the relevant technical knowledge, has the adequate language skills and knowledge necessary for any technical work in English and French, and in some cases, German, Russian, Romanian and Lithuanian, according our customers demand.
ERAC Engineering & Consultancy provides, inter alia, the following technical translation services:
  • English – Spanish and Spanish – English
  • French – Spanish and Spanish – French
  • German – Spanish and Spanish – German
  • Russian – Spanish and Spanish – Russian
  • Romanian – Spanish and Spanish – Romanian
  • Lithuanian – Spanish and Spanish – Lithuanian
Our Engineers, Architects and Graduates translates and reviews any document in the field of civil engineering and architecture into English, French, German, Russian, Romanian and Lithuanian languages, and therefore is the perfect complement for any project or tender.
However, for other languages , we have an extensive network of external collaborators.