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There is a growing concern for the issue of sustainability — whether the Earth's resources will be able to meet the demands of a growing human population that has rising aspirations for consumption and quality of life, while maintaining the rich diversity of the natural environment or biosphere.
The Brundtland Report (1987) defines ‘Our Common Future’ as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (UN 1987).
ERAC Engineering & Consultancy assumes that Sustainable Development is derived from the Brundtland definition, and embraces respect for environmental concerns, social fairness, and future generations whilst acknowledging the realities of economic drivers. 
As a result of this concern, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy studies and drafts Sustainability Plans for all types of projects and works, ensuring that they are as respectful as possible to human development, socio-economic development, the environment and the economic engines of our society.


The above mentioned values generate the following Sustainability Policy, which is assumed by ERAC Engineering & Consultancy:
  • Achieve through our activities and projects, the development of sustainable communities, as good places to live, and that offer economic and other opportunities to their inhabitants.
  • Sustain the ethical values of the society.
  • Achieve, through our environmental actions; sustain the biodiversity of the natural environment, both for the contribution that it makes to the quality of human life and for its own inherent value.
  • Continuously improving actions to sustain the ability of natural systems to provide the life-supporting "services" which have recently been estimated to be worth nearly as much as total gross human economic product.