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Welcome to Erac

Dear friends and valued customers:
 It gives me pride to introduce our company, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, through this site.  ERAC Engineering & Consultancy reflects the experience of over 15 years in tenders of public works and building projects, and specializes in the fields of quality, environment and health and safety, key parts for the guarantee and consolidation of large infrastructure and construction projects, worldwide. 
Also, in recent years, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy has specialized in sustainability and energy efficiency of big public works and building projects, and above all, as the result of the current trend of internationalization, in the field of technical translations.
Furthermore, as you know, Internet is a communication channel that connects millions of users around the world, which gives us an idea of the importance that is gradually gaining in our lives. Because of this, ERAC Engineering & Consultancy wants to take advantage of the new various technological tools to publicize services, and especially the differential of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, a solid and efficient company, that can offers services where creativity, professionalism and excellence becomes a link in management information systems through the use and employment of the network, within the paradigm of Cloud Computing.
Thus, Internet has changed our habits and customs, both in working and family life, and ERAC Engineering & Consultancy is present in the network with the commitment of providing information and communication to all our interest groups: employees, customers , suppliers and society in general. In this sense, it is the desire of the company to provide efficient and proven solutions to everybody, through the analysis and previous consulting solutions.
We hope that this site will be useful to find the information and services needed, and we invite you to follow us on social networks, and of course, we are at your disposal through our contact form.
Best regards,
Pablo L. de la Fuente