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Mission, Vision & Values

The vision, mission and values of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy are the pillars on which the daily growth of our organization is based, and expresses our desire to identify with customers, society, our shareholders and our employees. Engagement, progress and constant improvement are the current strategic areas of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy, where our workers are involved in all processes of formation of the various solutions proposed.
The vision of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy is to be the technological leader in technical services and continuous growth in the field of engineering, architecture, technology, quality, environment and safety and health, worldwide, which is intended to be distinguished by providing excellent service quality to our customers, sustained profitability to our shareholders, an expansion of opportunities for professional and personal development of our employees , and a positive contribution to society acting with a commitment to global citizenship.
The mission of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy is meeting the needs of society in the field of engineering, architecture, technology, quality, environment and safety and health, providing high quality services through the best techniques and technologies available, transforming knowledge into value for the benefit of our customers and ensuring excellence in all business processes.
The values that identify ERAC Engineering & Consultancy are dialogue and collaboration, excellence, efficiency, innovation, creativity, rigor and transparency, credibility, trust and respect people, customer service, proactivity and responsibility, without neglecting honesty in every negotiation. We lead by example, work in teams, analyze the facts and offer our opinion, we communicate openly and honestly, we are committed to the community and, above all, we act with integrity.
Mission, vision and values are summarized in our corporate message QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND EXCELLENCE defining the commitment of ERAC Engineering & Consultancy welfare of people and the environment.